What can you buy with cryptocurrency

With the development of blockchain technologies and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and nearpay wallet, more and more goods appear that can be paid for with digital assets.

Over the past year, many auction houses have begun to accept cryptocurrencies. For the first time, Sotheby’s did this – in May they sold a painting by street artist Banksy for $ 12.9 million in cryptocurrency. The name of the buyer and the specific digital asset were not called.

And in June, the auction house put up for sale a rare diamond weighing 101.38 carats, which can also be bought for cryptocurrency. Sotheby’s explained that they opened this opportunity due to the demand for digital assets among customers.

El Salvador was the first country to make cryptocurrency its national currency. In the country, bitcoin can be paid on a par with the US dollar. Moreover, the first cryptocurrency can be used to repay loans in banks.

Digital assets are also accepted by some charities, companies and real estate agencies.

The PayPal payment system has allowed its customers in the US to pay with cryptocurrencies in stores and cafes. When paying, the system automatically converts coins to fiat currency.

If you are interested in what you can buy with bitcoins, although it is more profitable to store them, we have an entire article about this.